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List of faculty members belonging to the Department of Computer Science, Graduate School of Information Science and Technology.

(April 2023)

Department of Information Science, Faculty of Science
In charge,related majors Title Name Specialized Fields
Professor Hiroshi Imai Algorithm, discrete structure, computational geometry, optimization, quantum information science
Professor Reiji Suda Parallel numerical processing
Course Chair Professor Naoki Kobayashi Programming languages, program verification
Creative Informatics, Chair of Dept. of IS Professor Takeo Igarashi User interface, computer graphics
Frontier Sciences Professor Masashi Sugiyama Machine learning, statistical data analysis
Department Chair Professor Yusuke Miyao Natural language processing, Computational linguistics
Professor Issei Sato Statistical machine learning
Professor Ken-ichi Kawarabayashi Algorithm, Discrete Math, Theoretical Computer Science
Associate Professor Yoshihide Yoshimoto Computational science, parallel simulation software (especially, first-principles electronic structure calculation)
Associate Professor Shinya Takamaeda Computer Architecture, High-Level Synthesis Compiler, FPGA System, Algorithm/Hardware Co-design, Machine Learning Acceleration
Frontier Sciences Associate Professor Naoto Yokoya Image analysis, Geoinformatics
Associate Professor Lei Ma Intelligent Software Engineering, Machine Learning System Engineering, Cyber-physical System
Associate Professor Hitomi Yanaka Computational Linguistics, Inference, Natural Language Processing
Frontier Sciences Lecturer Takashi Ishida Machine learning
Assistant Professor Taku Onodera Bioinformatics, Data Structure
Assistant Professor Yoshiaki Kawase Quantum machine learning
Assistant Professor Ken Sakayori Programming languages, Programming language semantics
Assistant Professor Koyo Hayashi Combinatorial Optimization, Graph Theory
Assistant Professor I-Chao Shen Computer graphics, Machine learning
Genome Informatics
In charge,related majors Official Title Name Specialized Fields
The Institute of Medical Science Human Genome Center Professor Kenta Nakai Genome informatics
Professor Seiya Imoto Genome Informatics, Data Science
Professor Tetsuo Shibuya Algorithms in computational biology
Associate Professor Sung-Joon Park Genome Informatics, Computational Intelligence
Associate Professor Kotoe Katayama Genome Informatics, Health Insurance Claim Analysis
Assistant Professor Noriaki Sato Genome Informatics, Health Informatics
Interdisciplinary Science
In charge,related majors Official Title Name Specialized Fields
National Institute of Informatics Professor Akiko Aizawa Text Media, Knowledge Processing
Professor Imari Sato Computer Vision, Computational Photography, Image analysis, Reflectance analysis, Medical Imaging