Establishment of the Information Science Laboratory

ĦĦThe Department of Information Science has evolved from the Information Science Laboratory affiliated to the Faculty of Science, which was established on April 1st 1970. As it was the dawning of the history of information science society, people appreciated the importance of the research and the new opportunities for education. Among the national institutions, the Faculty of Science of Tokyo Institute of Technology had, for instance, set up its new Department of Information Science, and Kyoto University had established its new Department of Information Engineering in the Faculty of Engineering. For the Faculty of Science to judge whether information science can establish itself as a scientific discipline by conducting research for a while, only a laboratory with two divisions was established. Professor Hidetoshi Takahashi was elected as the director of the laboratory in a joint appointment with the Department of Physics. Professor Eiichi Goto and Associate Professor Toshiyasu L. Kunii formed the Division of Fundamental Theory of Information Sccience, and Professor Hisao Yamada and Associate Professor Akihiro Nozaki the Division of Formal Languages.

Establishment of the Department of Information Science

ĦĦAfter five years of research activities, the Faculty of Science recognized information science as an academic discipline, and the laboratory has finally been elevated to the status of Department of Information Science on April 1st 1975, transforming the two divisions into the professorial chairs of the department. In accordance with the policy of the university that the prescribed number of undergraduate students from the College of Arts and Sciences should not be increased, they started with 15, of which 10 were transferred from the Department of Physics and 5 from the Department of Mathematics. Later, two more professorial chairs were added, and Master of Science and Doctorate of Science Courses of the Graduate School of Science were we also established successively.


ĦĦAs for the buildings, the initial laboratory had an area of 811m2 on the 4th floor of the building shared with the University Computer Center on the Asano Campus. After the department was established, another 807m2 in the building No. 1 of the Faculty of Science was added. Our current building (the building No. 7 of the Faculty of Science) was completed in 1985 in accordance with the re-development plan for the area of Faculty of Science. In the 12 years since the establishment of the department, we had to migrate twice until we settled down in the current building.

Establishment of the Graduate School of Information Science and Technology

ĦĦIn April 2001, the Graduate School of Information Science and Technology is established. Accordingly, the department is reorganized so that the graduate program is provided in the Graduate School of Information Science and Technology.